• Olink Webinars


    Introduction to Olin’s Multiplex panels: an innovative tool for protein biomarker research

    This recorded seminar provides an introduction to PEA technology and its applications. Olink’s panels provide a high-throughput multiplex immunoassay product which allows simultaneous detection of 92 protein biomarkers in 90 samples simultaneously using only 1 µL of sample without compromising assay performance.

    Strong impact of genetic and lifestyle factors on biomarker variation and use of personalized cutoffs

    In this recorded webinar, Professor Ulf Gyllensten from Uppsala University presents a large-scale study where 92 protein biomarkers are analyzed in 1,005 healthy individuals from a unique population using an Olink panel focused on oncology. This study reveals that genetics and lifestyle factors are strong influencers of protein levels in the bloodstream and suggests the establishment of personalized cut off values. Personally normalized plasma protein profiles can open up new possibilities of assessing protein biomarkers for prediction, prognosis or targeting different diseases.