Subcellular localization of protein interactions and modifications

"The Duolink kit has become a standard method in our lab for the detection and quantification of protein interactions.."

Susanne Vetterkind, PhD, Boston University, Boston

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Novel biomarker research studies

“The low sample consumption and overall immunoassay performance of Proseek has enabled us to...”

Jan Stenvang, PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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03 July 2015

Our support page is now updated with FAQs about Proseek Multiplex. These questions cover everything from useful technical tips to details about our analysis service. 

What Can Olink Bioscience Do For You?

We provide innovative products & services for protein biomarker research and development. Let us help you to make your research decisions more quickly and confidently with robust, multiplex biomarker analysis. Whether you run the assays yourself, or let our experts do it for you at Olink via our analysis service offering, we provide rapid, high-throughput analysis with exceptional data quality and minimal consumption of your precious samples. Our groundbreaking solutions bring new insights into disease processes, improve disease detection, and contribute to a better understanding of biology.  Read more ›