• Landmark publication re-defines immune cell taxonomy

    Science has recently published a breakthrough paper by Dr. Chloe Villani and colleagues from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. This work furthers our understanding of immune changes associated with human traits and diseases, and has resulted in the identification of entirely novel immune cell sub-populations.

    In the Science publication, a novel combination of single cell ‘omics’ strategies, in-depth follow-up profiling, proteomics analyses, phenotypic characterization and functional studies on isolated cell subsets was able to overcome the inadequacies of previous methods of defining leukocyte populations. This analysis revealed the detailed biological landscape of human blood myeloid populations, enabling the discovery, re-classification and characterization of several novel cell subsets of dendritic cells, monocytes, and progenitors in health and disease.

    As part of the proteomics contribution to this study, the Olink Inflammation panel was used to help characterize the cytokine responses of cultures of some of the newly identified dendritic cell sub-types.

    You can read more about this work by visiting the information page on the Broad Institute website.

    Dr. Villaini will present her work at the Olink symposium, “Comprehensive screening of protein biomarkers in tandem with genomics to advance Precision Medicine” in Cambridge MA on June 13th. Read more about this event..