• Product News February 2017

    Three additional panels, expanding our flexible, proteomics-scale offering for targeted protein biomarker discovery

    Focused on important areas of biological function with broad clinical relevance, each panel offers 92 thoroughly validated, high-specificity protein assays. The biomarkers were selected and categorized after consultation with widely used on-line bioinformatic databases. Detailed composition of the panels categorized by biological function, disease area, tissue expression and protein class, can be accessed via interactive charts available on the panel product pages. 

    Cardiometabolic panelsee more here

    Cell Regulation panelsee more here

    Development panelsee more here

    With the launch of these three new panels, Olink’s precision proteomics platform now offers almost 1000 high-quality, thoroughly validated assays. This provides a true proteomics-scale solution, with the unique flexibility offered by our twelve 92-plex disease or biological process-focused panels.