• Collaborative projects

    Olink is involved in several collaborative projects that are financed by grant funding bodies. To discuss a collaborative project, please contact us.

    Collaborations with Uppsala University

    Our scientific founders at Uppsala University focus on developing new powerful molecular diagnostic techniques and identifying informative biomarkers.

    For more information please visit: Uppsala University/Molecular Tools for Research and Diagnostics


    Olink is participating in a collaborative project, “Development of a multiplex neuro panel”, with partners in the Uppsala Berzelii Technology Center for Neurodiagnostics. This project aims to develop and commercialize a novel biomarker panel for neurology research, with applications in disease areas within the scope of the Berzelii center including pain, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disease. These fields have very few validated biomarkers, despite their clinical importance. The neurology area is still relatively unexplored and has great potential for new discoveries.



    The Inflammatory Bowel Disease CHARACTERization by a multi-modal integrated biomarker study (IBD-Character) Consortium is a collaborative effort to advance our understanding of the inflammatory bowel diseases Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease and to increase diagnostic precision in detection of the diseases in their early manifestation. The project, co-ordinated by Olink, associates 10 European partners from both academia and industry. It starts with a € 6M grant thanks to the European Commission´s 7th Framework Program (FP7).
    The project will generate the largest collection of samples so far assembled from treatment naïve patients recently diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. DNA methylation and RNA transcription status, protein markers, gut microbial content, patient genotype for known susceptibility loci and classical clinical data will be extensively analyzed for the characterization of the cohort in order to create a molecular snapshot of IBD in its early manifestation. This massive molecular profiling will be used to yield a list of biomarkers indicative for onset of the disease.
    To enable identification and understanding of molecular and cellular pathways involved in initiation of the diseases we will develop and improve methods for large scale sensitive affinity proteomics based on Olink’s proprietary PEA technology. Initially developed in the FP7 program Proactive it is now made available and sold under the trade name Proseek Multiplex. In this project Olink will build dedicated multiplexed panels targeting proteins of interest for IBD.

    Please visit the IBD-character homepage for more information



    Olink is coordinating the three-year CareMore project funded via the European Commission´s 7th Framework Program (FP7). The consortium is a collaborative effort to advance diagnostic systems for therapy guidance in patients with metastatic breast cancer and associates five European partners from both academia and industry. In CareMore, novel CTC (circulating tumor cell)-based diagnostic tests will be developed and validated in the clinical setting to set up the first clinically validated molecular diagnostic tests on CTCs to improve therapy choice in patients with metastatic breast cancer. By combining two unique methods, single cell-based detection of genetic mutations and protein expression and improved CTC sampling and identification, the focus will be on predictive markers for the most commonly applied targeted agents for metastatic breast cancer, i.e. trastuzumab and aromatase inhibitors. A successful outcome of the CareMore project is expected to be readily replicated to also other cancer types in which molecular classification is used for therapy guidance.

    Please visit the CareMore website for more information