• ABRF Virtual Event 2021

    The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities annual meeting for 2021 will be a virtual, online event will take place from March 7-11, 2021.

    As the largest international organization representing shared resource cores, the ABRF Annual Meeting provides many opportunities to network with core laboratory professionals of all disciplines, learn about the latest groundbreaking research and instrumentation, and develop a new set of skills. With a focus on advanced technology, education, and cutting-edge research in shared scientific resource core labs worldwide, the ABRF annual meeting is a collaborative hub for technological innovation, sharing best practices, and professional development. The 2021 virtual annual meeting includes the latest in bioinformatics, mass spectrometry based ‘omics, genomics, cytometry, imaging and core management.

    With our game-changing Olink® Explore 1536/384 platform for high throughput proteomics with readout on Illumina’s NGS instruments, Olink is delighted to be part of this exciting event. Learn more about the event and register via the ABRF event website.

    Olink at ABRF 2021

    In addition to a virtual exhibitor’s booth packed with useful information and content related to the use of Olink technology in  multiomics facility setting, we will also be hosting a Technology Showcase and Breakout Session at the event.

    • Technology show case:  “Olink Explore: Revolutionizing Proteomics”, presented by Narges Rashidi, PhD and Daniel Fredrick, PhD
      The Proximity Extension Assay (PEA), the core technology behind Olink Explore, combines the best of antibody- and DNA-based methodologies to provide unique, enabling tools for protein biomarker discovery and development. Join us to learn how Olink technology enables scientists to search for new, actionable protein signatures within the low abundant plasma proteome that can be applied to liquid biopsy investigations to improve disease detection, aid more personalized healthcare, and allow a better understanding of real-time human biology.  
    • Breakout session: Olink Explore: Taking multiplex proteomics to the next level”, presented by Narges Rashidi, PhD
      Olink Explore 1536 marks a pivotal moment for proteomics. Technical challenges have long troubled the field, trustworthy specificity, and sensitivity, robust results, accurate precision, and of course, issues around scalability and throughput. Olink technology successfully merges an antibody-based immunoassay with the powerful properties of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and readout using either quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).  During this session you will learn more about this revolutionary technology and how you can take advantage of it in house.