• Breakthrough publication on ovarian cancer

    June 24, 2019. A breakthrough new publication from Enroth et al describes how broad screening of more than 590 proteins using Olink panels identified a high-accuracy 11-protein signature for ovarian cancer that could be verified in replication cohorts. These proteins were then developed as a custom 11-plex panel, which was verified in an additional, independent replication cohort. With sensitivity/specificity of 0.85/0.93 for detection of ovarian cancer stages I–IV the authors hope that this new signature could be used to improve diagnosis of women with ovarian cancer, as well as potentially screening to identify women that should be referred to specialized examination.

    A landmark

    This represents a landmark paper for Olink, in which broad screening of many hundreds of potential protein biomarkers identified a robust protein signature comprising a diverse range of proteins from multiple Olink panels. This signature was successfully incorporated into a customized low-plex panel with verifiable performance, providing the first published example of Olink’s stated aim to support the entire journey from early discovery to development of clinically relevant protein signatures – see our Custom Panels page for more details.

    Media attention

    The publication of this paper immediately generated a great deal of interest from the international media, with both specialist and mainstream press featuring the story.