• What Olink is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic

    “I am happy that you are interested to know more about how we at Olink are taking our responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. I am proud that we are actively supporting the research community to carry out the critical research that is so desperately needed. The number of planned/ongoing studies using Olink protein biomarker panels is currently more than 40. Olink has the most comprehensive solution available to help to rapidly identify the proteins and pathways involved in COVID-19 pathophysiology and to better understand the disease and its treatment“.

    Ida Grundberg, Chief Scientific Officer, Olink Proteomics

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    Using Olink protein biomarkers in drug development

    Our protein library and innovative PEA technology based on DNA-coupled antibody pairs that ensure exceptional specificity in high-multiplex assays, has been widely used in clinical biomarker research to predict response, stratify patient populations, and provide insights into the biology of disease. Many pharmaceutical companies have already integrated Olink into their protein biomarker programs.

    Olink protein biomarker solutions across the entire drug development program

    To understand how to apply biomarker research in a wider range of disease areas you can watch our past sponsored webinar series with Science/AAAS, where case studies have been presented by clinicians and PIs from industry and academia.

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    We also have some customer-produced posters that demonstrate the utilty of Olink protein biomarker panels in pharma-related applications.

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