• Discounted studies with Olink Explore 1536 for COVID-19 samples

    We at Olink are determined to help speed up the gathering and publication of the essential data needed to deal with the extraordinary global pandemic that is currently underway. As this time, we feel that one of the most practical contributions we can make is to offer a substantially reduced price for COVID-19 related studies. These discounts apply to the Olink Explore platform that was used in the MGH study, as well as to our Olink Target 96 range of protein biomarker panels. If you have any questions regarding the use of Olink technology in COVID-19 research and our discount offer, please contact us using the simple form below:

    About the Olink technology used in the MGH COVID-19 study

    Olink Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) is a technology developed for high-multiplex analysis of proteins using just a few microliters of samples – view technology video

    The full library (Olink Explore 1536) is consisting of 1472 proteins and 48 controls assays divided into four 384-plex panels focused on inflammation, oncology, cardiometabolic and neurology proteins. In each of the four 384-plex panels, overlapping assays of IL-6, IL-8 (CXCL8) and TNF are included for QC purposes.

    Library content is based on target selection of low-abundant inflammation proteins, actively secreted proteins, organ-specific proteins leaked into circulation, drug targets (established and from ongoing clinical trials) and proteins detected in blood by mass spectrometry.


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    If you have any questions regarding the high-throughput, high-multiplex protein biomarker discovery platform with NGS readout that was used in this study, please contact us using the button below:

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