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The Olink® Target product portfolio comprises 96- or 48- protein assay panels focusing on a specific disease area or biological process. Our panels are based on our proximity extension assay (PEA) technology, which has been proven to deliver high-quality data.  Expect less variability, cross-reactivity, and re-runs, and more insight into your research with Olink Target.



Download the infographic to find out about our highly specific multiplex protein assays.


  • Find out why our proteomics platform guarantees you reliable, replicable data
  • Learn more about Olink Target products, and how they can elevate your protein analysis
  • Discover Olink™ Target 48 Cytokine, one of the most comprehensive inflammation protein biomarker panels available
  • Learn how you can run our world-class assays in-house with Olink Signature Q100

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Our PEA technology is a game-changer for proteomics.     

A benchtop system for high quality protein biomarker analysis.

Olink Target 96 & Target 48