• Olink NEURO EXPLORATORY panel now available

    Olink is delighted to announce the  launch of a new biomarker panel that complements and expands on Olink’s ever-growing portfolio of high quality protein assays. With 91 of 92 assays in the new panel representing new additions to our library, this extends the power of the Olink platform for discovery-scale application to over 1070 different protein biomarkers. This will enable scientists to cast an even broader net in their protein biomarker screening studies.

    Olink® NEURO EXPLORATORY enables simultaneous measurement of 92 proteins using just 1 µL of primarily plasma, serum or CSF (and other types of human sample), and includes a combination of exploratory and established markers with a focus on neurology-related diseases, and biological processes such as axon development, neurogenesis and synapse assembly. The established proteins include Neurofilament light polypeptide (Uniprot no. P07196)*, which is an important marker for degenerative neurological diseases and traumatic brain injury. The Olink assay for this marker shows outstanding performance comparable to the existing gold-standards, while providing simultaneous measurement of 91 other proteins.

    (*The assay for Neurofilament light polypeptide uses the NF-light® antibodies from UmanDiagnostics, Umeå Sweden.)