• Olink Symposium Würzburg January 2018

    Getting to the heart of the matter – targeted protein biomarker discovery for the advancement of precision medicine in cardiology and nephrology

    Olink Proteomics is organizing this stimulating symposium at which leading scientists from France, Germany, Sweden and the UK will present and discuss the latest developments in the use of protein biomarkers to drive precision medicine in the fields of cardiology and nephrology.

    Date: Wednesday January 17, 2018

    LocationDeutsches Zentrum für Herzinsuffizienz, Universitätsklinik Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany




    Two biomarker meetings over three days in Würzburg

    It may also interest you to know that the Olink symposium is being held as a satellite event to the LURIC/4D meeting, “Biomarkers of the Cardiorenal Axis“, which will be held on January 18-19 at the same venue. This symposium will display the state of the biomarker research at the interfaces between Cardiology, Nephrology and Laboratory Medicine and related disciplines. For full details, please download the conference brochure.