• Coming soon – a new protein biomarker panel for oncology

    A new 92-plex protein panel containing a combination of  established and exploratory markers focused on oncology will be available in December for shipment as kits, or via our Analysis Service. This panel will provide a perfect complement to our existing panel, Olink® ONCOLOGY II, enabling oncologists to measure 184 proteins in 2 dedicated panels. For the many researchers who take a wider approach to biomarker discovery, the new panel will extend our total library to 1165 different high-quality protein assays.

    Some of the established cancer-related biomarkers in the new panel will include:

    • Cell surface A33 antigen (GPA33), Uniprot ID Q99795
    • B-cell receptor CD22 (CD22), Uniprot ID P20273
    • Pro-neuropeptide Y (NPY), Uniprot ID P01303
    • Allograft inflammatory factor 1 (AIF1), Uniprot ID P55008
    • Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 (VEGFR1), Uniprot ID P17948

    The 92 assays in the panel cover a range of disease types and biological processes relevant for oncology (as defined by DisGeNet), such as carcinogenesis (28 proteins) , tumor progression (16 proteins), solid tumors (9 proteins) and recurrent tumors (5 proteins).

    Full information about this new panel and the assays included will be posted on the website soon, but in the meantime you can download the preliminary panel biomarker assay list and/or submit any specific question you might have using the link buttons below.