• Precision proteomics to drive precision medicine

    Hosted by Professor Mathias Uhlén and sponsored by Olink Proteomics, the international one-day symposium, “Precision Proteomics to Drive Personalized Medicine” , focused on how protein biomarker-based strategies can influence and drive the development of a more stratified approach to healthcare, and help to realize the potential of “precision medicine”. As well as featuring presentations from some of the world’s leading researchers in this field, the event provided a forum where academia and industry could exchange views and forge collaborations, interactions that are essential for the future of global healthcare. Attendance was strictly by invitation only and the event was fully subscribed.

    Date: June 19, 2018

    Venue: Nobel Forum, Stockholm

    Full details about the impressive lineup of eminent presenters can be found on the symposium website, www.proteinbiomarkersymposium.com

    protein biomarkers for precision medicine