Data analysis products

Gaining actionable biological insights requires much more than just generating data.

Olink provides a comprehensive offering of expertise and cutting-edge tools to help customers all the way through the journey from data processing and QC, to biostatistical and bioinformatic analysis.

From data acquisition to biological insights

As part of Olink Proteomics’ commitment to provide our customers with the best possible solution for protein biomarker discovery, we offer a range of products and services designed to help customers get the biological answers they are seeking as quickly and efficiently as possible once their Olink study has been run.


Olink Statistical Services

Our team of expert biostatisticians in the Data Science team can help you with customized statistical analysis to help ensure that you maximize the value and information output from your studies run using Olink panels. The goal for us is to help you with design and analysis decisions leading to powerful and efficient studies and useful results. Our fee-for-service statistical services can help you maximize the value and information output from your studies run using Olink panels.

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Olink Power Tool

The Olink Power Tool is a free web-based application for statistical power calculation. This tool helps you design your experiment based on the impact sample size, power and effect size has on the significance of the most commonly used statistical tests. No data upload required.

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Olink® Insights Stat Analysis

The Olink® Insights Stat Analysis is a free, web-based application for basic data visualizations and statistical analyses. This free tool (Shiny App) is based around the same method used by the Olink Data Science team. Olink Insights Stat Analysis marks the first in what will soon be powerful toolbox of biostatistical and bioinformatics apps under the Olink Insights brand.

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For those with R programming skills we have developed OlinkAnalyze, a comprehensive R-package designed to facilitate quality control, normalization, and analysis of Olink data.

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Olink NPX manager

This is an easy-to-use data import and pre-processing tool for Olink data. It is designed for customers or service providers who run Olink panels in their own facilities, and is required to generate data in Olink’s proprietary NPX format.

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