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Olink assays provide extensive coverage of the plasma proteome and delivers high quality data for approximately 3000 unique proteins. When it comes time to perform data analysis, however, this amount of data can be overwhelming. Olink has therefore developed a web-based application for basic data visualizations and statistical analyses, Olink® Insights Stat Analysis. This application is based around the same tools and methods as are used by the Olink Data Science team and with it you can:

  • View sample-wise distributions of NPX values
  • Generate Principal Component Analysis (PCA) plots
  • Generate heatmaps
  • Perform basic statistical analyses: t-test (2 groups), Analysis of Variance (3+ groups)
  • Download results/figures for more focused data analysis

Example PCA plot from the app



To get started, all you will need is an NPX data file delivered to you by Olink Analysis Services, or one generated with NPX Manager or MyData. If you do not have access to an NPX file but would still like to explore the features of the application, you can use a sample data set which is available in the app (go to the About tab and select Use example data).

Access the Stat Analysis App

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Please view the video guide to learn more about the features and how to use the statistical analysis app.

User manual

You can view or download a pdf of the app user guide.

Olink Power Tool

Before running any experiment, it is vital to design the experiment in a way that makes obtaining relevant results as likely as possible. For this statistical power is key. In this power calculation tool, Olink provides a web-based application to assist in power calculation for a balanced t-test and balanced one-way ANOVA.

Customized statistical support

We hope that the app will prove useful, but please note that in addition, Olink also offers fee-for-service statistical services customized to your needs.

Olink® Analyze (R-package)

If you have R programming skills, we have also developed Olink® Analyze, a comprehensive R-package designed to facilitate quality control, normalization, and analysis of Olink data. Download it directly from GitHub, or install the package from R with the following commands:

remotes::install_github(repo =’Olink-Proteomics/OlinkRPackage/OlinkAnalyze’, ref = “main”, build_vignettes = TRUE)


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