• NPX Manager

    An easy-to-use data import and pre-processing tool for Olink data

    Olink® NPX Manager is a purpose-built software designed for customers or service providers who run Olink panels in their own facilities and is required to generate data in Olink’s proprietary NPX format. This tool enables users to import data, validate data quality and normalize for subsequent statistical analysis. The workflow, from import of .csv files from the Fluidigm® Biomark™ Data Collection software to export of normalized and quality controlled NPX data, is outlined in the diagram below.

    Flowchart describing steps involved in the analysis of data using Olink NPX Manager


    The software includes a range of data visualization options that provide an excellent overview of complex data sets, enabling the efficient assessment of data quality and rapid identification of potential issues. Examples of these features are shown below. The software can also be used to export an Analysis Report for each run – see an example here.

    Overview of some of the data visualization options in Olink NPX Manager

    If you have any questions about the software, please contact us. If you wish to learn more about Olink NPX Manager, please feel free to download the user guide.

    Please note that Olink NPX Manager is primarily designed for operators running Olink panels in their own facilities. If like many customers, you send your samples to one of Olink’s Analysis Service labs or certified service providers, they will use the NPX Manager software to prepare the data report that will be sent to you after the assays have been run.


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