• Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation & Inflammation II

    The most comprehensive, high-performance protein biomarker panels available for inflammation studies

    The flexibility and scalability of our Olink® Explore platform can be utilized either to screen our entire library of 3072 assays, or in studies that focus on one or several of the eight Explore 384-plex panels that make up the Explore 3072 protein library.


    Key features of Olink Explore 384 biomarker panels

    • Allows for simultaneous analysis of 384 protein biomarkers
    • Uses only 1 µL of biological sample
    • Has similar sensitivity and specificity compared to Olink Target 96-plex and 48-plex products with qPCR readout
    • Achieves a high level of multiplexing without any compromise on data quality, thanks to our proprietary PEA technology.

    About Olink Explore 384 Inflammation and Inflammation II

    The Explore 384 Inflammation and Inflammation II panels represent one of the most extensive panels available for measuring the concentration of proteins associated with inflammatory diseases and related biological processes.

    The panel includes:

    • key inflammatory proteins (most of the assays in the Olink Target 96 Inflammation and Immune Response panels)
    • a selection of established, as well as exploratory biomarkers
    • a large number of cytokines, including a significant number of interleukins.

    The Explore 384 Inflammation and Inflammation II panels offer simultaneous analysis of 384 of these protein biomarkers using just 1 µL of biological sample. All assays are subject to Olink’s strict technical validation and Quality Control procedures.

    Assay details

    The assays in different Explore 384 panels are divided into different probe pools, called blocks, with different sample dilution factors to ensure optimal read-out quality.

    Sample dilution factors

    The Inflammation panel › 1:1 1:10
    The Inflammation II panel › 1:1 1:10 1:100 1:1000 1:100 000

    Note that relevant inflammation biomarkers can also be placed in other Explore 384 panels for optimal readout quality.

    Our technical validation of assays are performed in vitro using recombinant analytes. All technical validation data reported on the biomarker pages are based on these in vitro assays.


    Biomarker assays

    ~881 million

    Protein data points generated


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