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    Use the above search function to look for your protein of interest. Results will be displayed by default for the current assays offered in our Olink Explore library. Note that related search results of other types (Olink® Target protein biomarkers, web page content etc) can be viewed by clicking their respective tabs.

    Complete human protein biomarkers list for Olink Explore

    The total number of unique assays for human protein biomarkers that are currently available via for Olink® Explore is 2927 – with many more to come! You can search the complete list here, or alternatively, see all the biomarkers available in a specific panel by viewing the individual panel page (using the links in the navigation bar on the left).

    If you wish to browse the biomarkers available in our well-established library of Olink Target 96 or Target 48 panels, which use qPCR as the readout method, please view the Target 96 / 48 biomarker list.

    About this search function

    Using the search field, you can browse the entire Olink Explore library of high quality, thoroughly validated protein biomarker assays. Search by Uniprot ID, protein name, alternative protein name or gene name. The search results displayed are links to the pages for each assay, where you can see details of the validation data, made freely available and fully transparent. Please note that we are currently finalizing the collation and presentation of the validation data for all assays and that not all figures and tables are currently available for display. We will update the information as soon as it is ready.

    Due to the methodological design of Olink Explore, the immunoassay and extension steps are carried out in a 384-well plate format and can be organised into four disease-focused assay categories: Cardiometabolic, Neurology, Oncology and Inflammation. As part of the in-built quality control system, six of the Explore assays are included in four of the 384-plex categories: IL6, CXCL8 (IL8), TNF, IDO1, LMOD1 and SCRIB. As these repeated assays are validated separately in a 384-plex context, four separate assay validation pages are available for each of them. Consequently, the 384-plex name appears on each biomarker page to avoid any confusion. The 384-plex panels are also available to run separately in case you do not wish to screen the entire library.

    Protein wishlist

    If you would like to suggest an assay that is not currently available in our library as an idea for future development, please use the link below to go to our wishlist suggestion form.


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