Olink sample analysis service providers

You can send your samples to one of many labs around the world with certified experts in running the Olink® platform. They will run the assays and rapidly provide you with the highquality protein data you need for your study. You can choose to send your samples to the Olink in-house Analysis Service labs in Uppsala (Sweden) or Boston MA, or to one of the many partner labs around the world who are certified to run the Olink® Explore or Olink® Target platforms for their customers.

Contact details for these service providers can be found using the interactive map below.

What do our service lab partners think about running Olink?

The Clinical Biomarkers Facility (CBF) has served as a core lab for Olink® Target panels since 2012. Due to a growing demand amongst their customers for more large-scale protein biomarker analysis, the CBF have recently changed their name to Affinity Proteomics Uppsala (APU) and have partnered with the SciLifeLab National Genomics Infrastructure to become Europe’s first certified Olink® Explore core lab.

Mikael Åberg, Head of Affinity Proteomics Uppsala and Jessica Nordlund, Facility Director of the National Genomics Institute Uppsala, discuss what drove them to form a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership, offering broader access to Olink’s flagship high-throughput proteomics platform for Swedish researchers.

Are you interested in setting up Olink in your lab?

An increasing number of labs are now setting up the Olink platform in their own facilities, either to run their own studies in-house, or as a certified Olink sample analysis service provider.


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