• Assay updates to the Target 96 Development panel

    Please note that these details apply to the version of the panel with article number 95352, released on October 1, 2020. This replaces the previous version with article number 95351.

    Olink® Target 96 Development offers simultaneous measurement of 92 proteins using just 1 µL of plasma, serum, or other types of human sample, and includes a combination of exploratory and established markers with a focus on developmental processes. The panel also includes biomarkers of relevance to several diseases, such as cancer and neurological disease.

    Olink continuously strives to improve its multiplex biomarker panels, both in terms of technical performance and to provide assays for interesting and relevant proteins. One exploratory assay from the original version of the Development panel was therefore replaced by a new, high quality assay for a protein from our customer-driven wish-list (this assay is also available on Olink® Explore 3072). The new assay is:

    • CCN family member 5 (CCN5) UniProt number O76076
      This protein is also known as WNT1-inducible-signaling pathway protein 2 (WISP2) and belongs to the CCN family of growth factors know to be important for cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, angiogenesis, and apoptosis, as well as tumorigenesis. CCN5 has been implicated in bone remodelling, metabolic diseases and cancer.

    These replaced the following assay:

    • Secretoglobin family 3A member 1 (SCGB3A1), UniProt number Q96QR1


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