Thrombopoietin (THPO)

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THPO (also known as Megakaryocyte colony-stimulating factor) is a is a glycoprotein hormone produced by the liver and kidney. This cytokine affects the proliferation and maturation of megakaryocytes from their committed progenitor cells and thus may be the major physiological regulator of circulating platelets. Disruptions in normal THPO activity can result in thrombocythemia 1, a disorder characterized by excessive platelet production that can be associated with spontaneous hemorrhages and thrombotic episodes.

Sample type

Analytical Measuring Range

    • LOD (pg/mL)
    • 122.07
    • LLOQ (pg/mL)
    • 122.07
    • ULOQ (pg/mL)
    • 31250
    • Hook (pg/mL)
    • 125000
    • Range (logs)
    • 2.4

Calibrator curve for validation data (generated in multiplex)

Thrombopoietin  (THPO)


    • Within run precision Coefficient of Variation (CV)
    • 9%
    • Between run precision Coefficient of Variation (CV)
    • 11%

Precision (repeatability) is calculated from linearized NPX values over LOD.

Biomarker Validation Data

Additional validation data, as well as a more detailed description of how the Olink panels are quality controlled can be found in our Data Validation documents. To download or to learn more go to the Data Validation page.

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