• The most comprehensive multiplexed protein biomarker panel designed for mouse studies

    Using the same, well-established technology and high standards behind Olink’s portfolio of high-multiplex panels for human protein biomarker discovery,  Olink MOUSE EXPLORATORY offers 92 high-quality assays for murine proteins.  The proteins assayed in the panel are all known to be detectable in human serum and plasma, optimizing the human relevance of any mouse study findings.  The 92 proteins in the panel also encompass a broad range of biological functions and pathways, making this an ideal tool for exploratory studies aimed at discovering new biomarkers and protein signatures in mouse studies.  

    Categorization of the proteins included in the panel was carried out via referral to widely used public-access bioinformatic databases, including Uniprot,  Gene Ontology (GO) and KEGG . The assays in this panel include proteins involved in key biological processes such as cellular regulation, development, signal transduction and stress responses, as well as KEGG pathways such as Cytokine-Cytokine receptor interaction, TNF signaling, IL-17 signaling, MAPK signaling, as well as several pathways involved in cancer. An overview of how the 92 biomarker assays in the panel are classified according to Biological Process, Functional Pathway and Protein Class can be seen in the charts at the bottom of this page.

    The mouse panel includes:

    • Assays from our current human panels –  for proteins with high human/murine homology, where the existing assay shows good technical functionality with mouse samples
    • New assays developed specifically for mouse samples and this panel.

    The Mouse Exploratory panel offers simultaneous analysis of 92 protein biomarkers, consuming just 1 µL of biological sample, and all assays are subject to extensive technical validation and QC control procedures. The selection of protein biomarker assays is designed to provide the optimal dynamic range, as well as to provide proteins that cover a broad range of  important biology.

    Biomarker list

    A clickable list of all 92 assays in the panel with direct links to the individual biomarker pages will be available here later. Until then, please open or download the Protein List pdf for the panel by clicking here >

    Validation data

    Specific pages for each biomarker in the panel showing detailed validation data for the assays will be made available as soon as possible. In the meantime, examples of the types of validation figures that will be presented are shown below:

    Calibrator curve

    These are generated using concentration series of recombinant mouse antigen. While they provide a good indication of assay performance and dynamic measuring range, please note that Olink assays generate data in relative units (NPX) and that these curves cannot be used to calculate absolute concentrations in the biological samples measured. Calibrator curves will only be presented for those assays (43 of 92) where a recombinant mouse antigen of sufficient quality to meet Olink’s validation standards was available.

    Additional validation studies

    Detectability: The figure below shows the percentage of tested samples in which Ccl5 was detected (i.e. above limit of detection, LOD) in a range of different sample matrices.

    Classification of proteins in the panel

    The number of proteins from the panel in each category are shown in the bar and pie charts below. Note that proteins can fall into multiple categories. Biological processes were defined by the GO terms corresponding to the mouse Uniprot IDs; subcellular locations were as defined on the Uniprot pages for each mouse protein, and the pathways were categorized according to KEGG.



    If you have any further questions or comments regarding the panel, or would simply like one of our local representatives to contact you to discuss a potential study etc, please submit the short form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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