• Using Olink’s human panels with non-human samples

    We frequently get questions about whether Olink panels can be used  for studies in other species. This is especially interesting for working with rodents because of the small sample volume required using Olink’s technology.

    The assays in Olink’s human panels are all developed using antibodies targeted against human proteins. There is of course a certain level of antibody cross-reactivity between human proteins and their homologs in other species. Consequently, a certain proportion of assays in our panels generate signals in samples of non-human origin. To meet the request of our customers, we have performed some tests in different species using several different panels. We are happy to share this data with you, and the table below shows the percentage of proteins in each panel that could be measured above the limit of detection (LOD) in more than 50% of the samples tested for the species in question. Blank cells indicate that the particular combination of panel and species has not yet been tested.

    Please note: Olink has now developed a 92-plex panel specifically for use with mouse samples – see Olink® MOUSE EXPLORATORY

    Note: Please keep in mind that the Olink panels are not developed for proteins of other species than human, and have not gone through the thorough validation process that is the hallmark of Olink’s human protein assays.

    In case you are interested in using any of the Olink panels in non-human species at your own discretion, please contact your local Olink representative, or email us at sales@olink.com