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    Statistical analysis and data visualization

    data analysis-PptAs part of Olink Proteomics’ commitment to provide our customers with the highest possible standard of products and services for targeted human protein biomarker discovery, we are delighted to offer our fee-for-service Statistical Packages. Our team of biostatisticians can help you with customized statistical analysis to help ensure that you maximize the value and information output from your studies run using Olink panels.

    Overview of our biostatistical offering:

    • Two levels of statistical and analytical support
    • Performed by Olink expert professionals experienced in handling this type of data
    • Customizable according to client needs
    • Provides a fast and reliable way to get the most out of your experiment

    Standard Statistical Package

    This provides fast and easy testing of a single hypothesis for all proteins analyzed in the study.

    A univariate or multivariate test can establish associations between protein levels and the variable of interest.  Available tests include, but are not limited to t-tests, linear regressions and ANOVA.

    A results table and volcano plot will be delivered to the customer. (You can read more about volcano plots here).

    Example of a volcano plot, including cutoff lines for significance criteria.

    Advanced Statistical Package

    In the Advanced package, the customer can specify up to four additional statistical tests which gives the opportunity to investigate a total of five different research questions. This is useful for larger exploratory studies with multiple hypotheses.

    Heatmap analysis where similar proteins and samples are placed next to eachother and the intensity is represented by a color.

     Additional options

    Other services such as image manipulation, enrichment analyses, building diagnostic models and normalizations are also available, but are subject to discussion. Contact your local sales representative for further information.

    If you would like more information about our biostatistical services, please use the simple form below, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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