Carboxypeptidase E (CPE)

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Carboxypeptidase E (also known as carboxypeptidase H, or convertase) is an exopeptidase that activates neuropeptides and peptide hormones, by cleaving off basic C-terminal amino acids, to producethe active form of the peptides. Products of carboxypeptidase E include insulin, enkephalins, vasopressin, oxytocin, and many other neuroendocrine peptide hormones and neuropeptides. Deficiencies in CPE have been linked with endocrine disorders such as obesity, hyperproinsulinemia and infertility. A splice variant of the protein has also been reported as a prognostic marker for metastasis in endocrine and neuroendocrine tumors.

Sample type

Recommended sample types are EDTA plasma and serum. A range of additional sample types are compatible with the technology (PEA), including citrate plasma, heparin plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, (CSF), tissue and cell lysates, fine needle biopsis, microdialysis fluid, cell culture media, dried blood spots, synovial fluid, saliva, plaque extract and microvesicles. Please note that protein expression levels are expected to vary in different sample types. Certain assays are differentially affected by interfering substances such as hemolysate. Download any of our Data Validation documents or contact for more information.

Analytical Measuring Range

Please note: the technical data reported below refers to the measured value in the in vitro validation assays. The calibrator curve below shows the performance of the assay with the estimated sensitivity and dynamic range parameters indicated. These curves are generated during the assay validation process using recombinant antigens. Please note that when analyzing biological samples the data generated will be given in the form of relative quantification (NPX values) and cannot be converted to absolute protein concentrations. For more info about NPX measurements, please visit our FAQ page (

    • LOD (pg/mL)
    • 15.26
    • LLOQ (pg/mL)
    • 15.26
    • ULOQ (pg/mL)
    • 125000
    • Hook (pg/mL)
    • 500000
    • Range (logs)
    • 3.9

Calibrator curve generated in multiplex

Carboxypeptidase E (CPE)


    • Within run precision Coefficient of Variation (CV)
    • 9%
    • Between run precision Coefficient of Variation (CV)
    • 16%

Precision (repeatability) is calculated from linearized NPX values over LOD.

Biomarker Validation Data

Additional validation data, as well as a more detailed description of how the Olink panels are quality controlled can be found in our Data Validation documents. To download or to learn more go to the Data Validation page.

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