• Using Olink panels with sample types other than serum & plasma

    Olink assays are optimized and validated using human plasma and serum samples. A wide range of additional sample types are compatible with the technology.

    Click the link below to download a table showing the percentage of proteins in each panel that could be measured above the limit of detection (LOD) in more than 75% of the samples tested for the matrix in question. This information is based on data from at least 20 samples of mixed origin, i.e. for some matrices only healthy samples have been tested whereas other matrices may contain only disease samples (or a mixture of both). Results for cell lines and conditioned media will be highly variable depending on cell line, treatment and panel used. The detectability data presented is only intended as a guideline for what can be expected for different matrices. This value may differ depending on a number of variables, e.g. sample preparation techniques, pathological condition, treatment of samples and cell lines chosen.

    For optimal results with other matrices than serum and plasma, it is highly recommended to run samples (or a subset of samples) using several dilutions. Guidelines for sample preparation are available for a selected number of matrices. Please contact support@olink.com for further information.

    Download the table here >