What is the sample consumption for Explore, and what is the standard sample volume requirements for shipping?

A minimum of 10 µL of each sample needs to be plated for every Explore project (similar for Explore 384 or Explore 1536). However, the sample volume used is 1 µL for each Explore 384 panel and 4µL for Explore 1536. The extra volume is required for the dead volume of the liquid handlers in the sample preparation line. For our fee-for-service we ask you to ship a minimum of 40 µL of sample. This is to minimize possible evaporation effects etc. during the shipping process. Please note that we can, on request, return the remaining sample volume to you.

More information on how to prepare and ship samples is specified in the work order that will be sent to you from your sales representative after you have decided on a project.
To see a sample work order, please download the dummy example below:

Download example

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