• Olink Explorer

    This tool is an interactive visual representation of the “Olink proteome network”, allowing evaluation of our protein assay coverage across different biological processes. It shows the distribution of the proteins in Olink’s panels across 24 selected Gene Ontology (GO) terms that represent the major biological functions. The tool will enable you to:

    • See which processes are covered by assays in the Olink panels
    • Identify the proteins associated with any displayed GO term and see which Olink  panel(s) these assays can be found in.

    The map also displays the 1st and 2nd level “child terms” for each of the selected GO terms. Hovering your cursor, or clicking on any of these child nodes within the map will display the name of that GO term  Note that shaded circles represent GO terms that have associated Olink assays (with color intensity related to degree of coverage), whereas open white circles show GO terms with no associated assays. The default view shows the coverage for all 12 Olink panels combined (981 proteins), but each individual 92-plex panel can also be selected using the Panel overlay function in the top menu bar. Further instructions can be found by selecting the information symbol (i) in the bottom menu bar of the tool.

    • Access the tool by clicking on the image above marked “Access the tool”
    • To exit the full-screen view and return to this page, use the close window (X) button in the top menu of the tool