• Olink seminar in Linköping November 18, 2019

    “Protein biomarker discovery & implementation

    Date: Monday November 18, 2019

    Time: 13.00 – 16.00

    Venue: Linden, Entrance 65, Campus US, LiU, Linköping

    Fika: Coffee and fika will be provided during the seminar


    • Mikael Åberg, Clinical Biomarkers Facility SciLife Lab Uppsala: Title TBD
    • Örjan Lindhe, Olink Proteomics: “Olink technology for Protein Biomarker Discovery and Development”
    • Jan Ernerudh, Linköping University: “Inflammatory proteins for prediction of pregnancy complications”
    • Sofia Nyström, Linköping University: “Plasma protein profiling identifies interferon-γ as a principle driver of immune dysregulation in CVID”
    • Stig Linder, Linköping University: “Biomarkers for assessing therapy response in cancer”
    • Lena Jonasson, Linköping University: “Hunting for protein biomarkers of stress”

    For any questions regarding the seminar or if you wish to schedule a separate meeting on Nov 19th, please contact orjan.lindhe@olink.com

    The seminar is arranged by the SciLifeLab Clinical Biomarkers Facility, Olink Proteomics and the strategic research area MIIC at Linköping University


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