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    Olink-sponsored Science/AAAS webinar
    Title: “Protein biomarkers and cardiovascular / cardiometabolic disease: Better prediction, deeper understanding
    Original broadcast date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Speakers:  Michiel J. Bom, M.D. (VU University Medical Center Amsterdam), Professor Robert Gerszten (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical School, Boston).

    During the webinar, the speakers:

    • Explained how identification of new protein biomarkers enables better understanding, diagnosis, and outcome prediction in cardiovascular/cardiometabolic disease
    • Described how combining machine learning with targeted proteomics can outperform existing clinical risk assessment criteria for coronary heart disease
    • Revealed new proteomic biomarkers of incident cardiometabolic diseases and explain how the integration of genetic information with model system studies can uncover novel pathways that may contribute to disease pathogenesis

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