• New white papers from Olink

    Data normalization and standardization

    This white paper describes how Olink data is processed and normalized to rapidly and reliably generate the easily understandable output from an Olink study.  The topics covered include Olink’s built-in Quality Control system and a full description of how our Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX) values for relative quantification are calculated. The different normalization methods that can be used to optimize the output from often large and complex projects are also described in detail.

    Download the white paper here



    Pre-analytical variation in protein biomarker research

    This white paper considers some of the factors to consider when collecting, storing and handling human blood samples for use in protein biomarker studies. This article will discuss that while proteins are more sensitive than DNA in terms of potential pre-analytical factors, taking some basic precautions and documenting your sample-handling procedures should result in a successful outcome. The white paper draws on both the published literature and Olink’s experience in analyzing hundreds of thousands of samples over the past few years.

    Download the white paper here