• Olink® Target 96 & 48

    Olink® Target 96 & Target 48 panels for targeted protein biomarker discovery enable faster, better-informed decisions in human protein biomarker research by providing high-multiplex immunoassays that do not compromise on either data quality or performance. This helps scientists to bring new insights into disease processes, improve disease detection, and contribute to a better understanding of biology. Identifying multiple proteins that form a signature is more powerful and reliable than looking at a single protein. Each of our well-established 96-plex panels provides assays for 92 different proteins that are focused on a specific disease area or important biological process.

    October 2020 also saw the launch of Olink Target 48 Cytokine, which enables analysis of 45 carefully selected proteins focused on cytokine pathways. Each kit enables 40 samples to be analyzed, with both absolute (pg/mL) and relative (NPX) concentration measurements.

    Our panels give you:

    • High quality data you can trust – exceptional readout specificity from our Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology – effective QC tools built in to our assays (read our FAQ)
    • The high throughput your research deserves – 92 human protein biomarkers measured simultaneously with 96 samples in one panel – results in 24 hours
    • The most effective use of your precious samples – only 1 µL sample consumed per panel – a wide range of biological sample types addressed
    • The flexibility to best meet your needs – use our kits in your own lab, or send your sample for analysis by experts at one of our Sample Analysis Service labs.

    Our innovative technology

    A highly specific DNA template is created when matched oligo-linked Ab pairs bind to a protein. The digital signal is read out by qPCR


    Olink Target 96 panels are able to achieve such a high level of multiplexing while maintaining exceptional data quality thanks to our proprietary PEA technology. Each biomarker is addressed by a matched pair of antibodies, coupled to unique, partially complementary oligonucleotides, and measured by quantitative real-time PCR. This dual recognition, DNA-coupled method provides exceptional readout specificity, since unlike in many other immunoassay formats, any antibody cross-reactivity that may occur during the multiplexed assay is excluded from the detection process. Go to the PEA technology page to read more about how it works, and see the movie! Components in the Olink Target 96 Probe Kits utilize Thunder-Link technology and are provided under license from Expedeon Ltd.


    PEA technology enables high multiplexing levels without compromising on data quality: the figure compares dCq-values from single assays for Growth Hormone (GH) and Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP-7) with the equivalent assays performed in a full 96-plex reaction.

    Technology capabilities

    Using PEA, our panels can provide accurate quantification below pg/mL levels even in small samples from, for example, needle biopsies or micro dialysis. This minimal sample consumption makes our precision proteomics solution especially suitable for retroactively mining precious biobanked serum samples for new multivariate biomarker signatures. Fully validated in serum & plasma, PEA is also compatible with a wide range of different sample types.

    Reactions are quantified by real-time PCR using the Fluidigm BioMark™ HD real-time PCR platform. The assay generates as much as 9,216 datapoints per run, which can then be analyzed with which can then be analyzed using the Olink ® NPX Manager software.

    New 2021: A new dedicated, benchtop qPCR instrument designed to run Olink Target panels as kits in your own lab is now available – read more about Olink® Signature Q100

    Our panels

    Each panel is focused on a specific area of disease or key biology process, targeting 92 established and/or exploratory biomarkers. All assays are rigorously quality controlled and our validation data is made freely available. Currently there are six disease area-focus panels available: two for cardiovascular disease (Olink Target 96 Cardiovascular II and Olink Target 96 Cardiovascular III), two for  oncology (Olink Target 96 Oncology II and Olink Target 96 Oncology III), as well as  Olink Target 96 Neurology, Olink Target 96 Inflammation and Olink Target 96 Immuno-oncology. These are complemented by seven panels, focused on important biological processes: Olink Target 96 Cardiometabolic, Olink Target 96 Cell Regulation, Olink Target 96 Development, Olink Target 96 Immune Response, Olink Target 96 Metabolism , Olink Target 96 Neuro Exploratory and Olink Target 96 Organ Damage. For researchers working with mouse models, Olink Target 96 Mouse Exploratory is also available. Product information for each of these panels can be accessed via the left-side navigation menu on this page.

    Together, our panels span a broad dynamic range of protein concentrations. This is optimized within each panel for overall assay performance, and designed to cover expected ranges in normal and pathological samples.

    Our biomarker assay panels are available with the flexibility to best suit your needs. You can choose whether to purchase the panels as kits and run them in your own lab, or send your sample the experts at one of the many certified labs around the world offering sample analysis service.

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