• From precision proteomics to precision medicine

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    Today, Olink’s protein biomarker panels enable rapid, robust identification of protein signatures to:

    • stratify patients
    • predict disease and treatment outcomes
    • understand pathophysiology or discover new drug targets

    We call this “Precision Proteomics”.

    We are continuously developing our platform, offering a wider selection of biomarker assays to enable our customers to cast the net as wide as possible for the discovery of new protein signatures.

    Using protein signatures will likely transform the future of disease diagnosis, treatment, and our understanding of health. We will provide these powerful tools to translate protein biomarker discovery into the clinic. To tailor healthcare to individual patients, Olink aims to be your partner every step of the way on this journey, from precision proteomics to precision diagnostics and the realization of precision medicine.

    Let us share our vision with you!

  • Olink and precision medicine

    Hear what Andrea Ballagi, VP for Sales & Marketing at Olink, had to say about the company’s future role in precision medicine in an interview given at the 2015 Precision Medicine Congress in London: