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Olink provides rapid, high-quality measurement of protein biomarkers with unrivalled specificity & throughput, minimal sample volume, high sensitivity & dynamic range – get unique, actionable insights into the real-time biology underlying human health and disease.

Access our flexible proteomics solutions in two ways

Olink technology is available with different readout methods and multiplexing levels to meet your needs, from large-scale discovery to small, custom-designed panels to validate and implement protein signatures. You can choose how to access all of this.

Simply send your samples to one of many labs around the world with certified experts in running the Olink platform. They will run the assays and rapidly provide you with the highquality data you need for your study.

Our platforms can be run in any suitably equipped and trained facility, enabling you to purchase our reagents as kits that you can run yourself – either for your own projects or as an Olink-certified service provider.

Olink Explore

High-throughput protein biomarker discovery on NGS

Olink Explore is a game-changer for the proteomics field: Rapidly measure 1 536 proteins with less than 3 μL sample. Unparalleled specificity & sensitivity of PEA technology. Readout via NGS, enabling up to 1.3 million protein measurements per week per NGS instrument.

Coming soon: Olink Explore 3072 with library expanded to ~3K proteins.

Olink Target

High-quality, flexible protein biomarker analysis

Targeted protein biomarker studies with disease- or biology-focused 96-plex or 48-plex panels with qPCR readout. Exceptional data quality from a well-established, robust, and thoroughly validated platform that has been cited in more than 500 peer-reviewed publications.

Olink Focus

Validation and utility of protein signatures

Olink solutions cover the entire journey from large-scale protein biomarker discovery, through to utility of clinically relevant protein signatures. Work with our custom development team to create a panel based on your protein signature of interest, to take the next important steps towards validation and implementation.

Olink Signature

A benchtop solution for protein biomarker analysis

Running Olink studies in your own lab has never been easier! Olink Signature is an affordable, user-focused instrument for the readout of all Olink 96/48-plex and custom panels. Available for pre-ordering now!

From data acquisition to understanding biology

We are committed to providing scientists with expert services and a growing toolbox of powerful, enabling apps for biostatistics and bioinformatics – See our Data Analysis offering


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