• Why choose Olink for targeted protein biomarker discovery?

    • High quality data that you can trust
    • The rapid high throughput analysis that your studies deserve
    • The most effective use of your precious samples
  • Proseek multiplex for protein biomarker discovery


  • Olink’s 92-plex Immuno-Oncology panel offers a unique compilation of molecules that play key roles in immunotherapeutic treatments. Miniaturization of the assay to use only 1 µL of sample is a significant advantage for clinical studies with limited amounts of biospecimens

    Assistant Professor Seunghee Kim-Schulze, Mount Sinai School of Medicine NY.
  • Olink's panels require such a small volume of material that it is now possible to analyze temporal profiles of multiple biomarkers of complex disease processes that would be very difficult to examine with other techniques.

    Professor Lars Hillered, Dept. of Neuroscience, Uppsala University

Latest product news

A flexible, proteomics-scale solution for targeted protein biomarker discovery!

With the launch of three new panels, for Immune Response, Metabolism and Organ Damage, we can now offer 713 high-quality protein assays. These exploratory panels are focused on key biological processes with broad clinical relevance and will enable scientists to further probe the complexities of the human plasma proteome.

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