• About Olink Proteomics


    Olink Proteomics is a Swedish company dedicated to innovation, quality, rigor and transparency, providing outstanding products and services for human protein biomarker discovery. Our groundbreaking Olink panels for precision proteomics help scientists make research decisions more quickly and confidently through robust, multiplex biomarker analysis. Our high quality multiplex immunoassay panels help bring new insights into disease processes, improve disease detection, and contribute to a better understanding of biology.

    Based on the pioneering research of Professor Ulf Landegren and his group at Uppsala University, Sweden, Olink Proteomics was founded in 2016. The company has a successful history of developing molecular technologies, with a broad IP portfolio. Many of these have been commercialized through out-licensing to industry leading partners such as Affymetrix, Life Technologies, and through the spin-out companies Qlinea and Halo Genomics (now part of Agilent).