• The Olink Analysis Service

    Let our experts optimize the analysis of your samples

    Olink offers a high capacity analysis service for comprehensive protein biomarker analyses using our disease- and biological process-focused multiplexed panels. Dedicated analysis service specialists will work with you to provide the data you need to accelerate your research and make informed decisions faster. The Analysis Service includes:

    • Expert help with design of assay setup
    • Sample analysis
    • Data processing with normalized results/QC report
    • Delivery of results, typically within 4 weeks

    Analysis Service workflow

    Here is an overview of how the process works:

    Step #1: Discuss your needs with our knowledgeable sales team and decide on the best solution for your project

    Step#2: Complete an Analysis Service work order and send it in to us

    To see a sample work order, please download one of the dummy examples below:

    Download an example work order (USA) here >

    Download an example Work Order (rest of the world) here >

    Step#3: Read our sample preparation guidelines carefully and ship your samples to Olink

    Step#4: Once Analysis Service receives the delivery, the team will log and store your samples ready for analysis

    Step#5: Our highly skilled personnel will analyze your samples quickly and efficiently, according to the agreed plan

    Step#6: After a thorough QC and data analysis, the team will send you a detailed report on the results of your project.

    You can see dummy examples of the post-analysis documents you will receive by clicking the links below:

    Certificate of Analysis for project

    Results file explanation

    Results file with NPX/LOD data  (Excel file)



    Our analysis service has two state-of-the-art laboratories staffed by experienced professional scientists:

    Uppsala, Sweden

    Uppsala skyline

    Read more about our Analysis Service team in Uppsala


    Boston MA, USA.

    Boston skyline

    Read more about our Analysis Service team in Boston