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    Towards a better understanding of inflammation and personalized medicine

    Our Inflammation panel provides a high-throughput, multiplex immunoassay enabling analysis of 92 inflammation-related protein biomarkers across 96 samples simultaneously. This high level of multiplexing is achieved without any compromise on data quality, thanks to our proprietary Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. inflammation

    This panel represents the most comprehensive ready-to-use kit of inflammatory-related analytes on the market, enabling investigation of protein signatures with high efficiency and robustness and accelerates the speed of finding new and relevant human protein biomarkers related to inflammation. The panel is compiled to detect a selection of already established as well as exploratory biomarkers within the inflammation research field. The content of the panel has been designed in close collaboration with experts within various disease areas such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, neuro inflammation, and respiratory diseases, and it is well suited to discerning protein profiles in clinically relevant samples.

    An overview of how the 92 biomarker assays in the panel are classified according to Biological Process, Disease Area, Tissue Expression and Protein Class (based on widely used public-access bioinformatic databases, including Uniprot, Human Protein Atlas, Gene Ontology (GO) and DisGeNET) can be seen in the charts below. These charts are interactive: click on a chart-bar or pie-segment to see the list of biomarkers in that classification. Each item in the list links to the detailed biomarker page with validation data.

    Biological Process

    Disease Area

    Tissue Expression

    Protein Class

    For optimal assay performance, each immunoassay in the panel has been assessed in terms of specificity, precision, sensitivity, dynamic range, matrix effects and interference in biological material.

    A comprehensive list of all protein biomarkers that can be measured using the currently available Proseek Multiplex panels can be seen on the biomarker library page.

    Note: A printable list of the biomarker assays available in this panel, as well as a full data validation document, can be downloaded from our Document download center >>

    If you prefer not to run the assay yourself, let our experts here at Olink do this for you via our Analysis Service.

    The biomarker pages linked to below include calibrator curves that show the performance of each assay with the estimated sensitivity and dynamic range parameters indicated. These curves are generated during the assay validation process using recombinant antigens, with data presented as Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX) values plotted against protein concentration (in pg/mL). Please note that when analyzing biological samples the data generated will be given in the form of relative quantification (NPX values) and cannot be converted to absolute protein concentrations. For more info about NPX measurements, please view the FAQ.

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