• The most comprehensive, high-performance protein biomarker panel available for neurological studies

    The flexibility and scalability of our Olink® Explore platform can be utilized either for full-scale screening of our entire library of 1536 assays, or in studies that focus on one of four 384-plex panels that make up the 1536 assay library.

    About Olink Explore 384 biomarker panels

    • simultaneous analysis of 384 protein biomarkers
    • use just 1 µL of biological sample
    • all assays subject to Olink’s strict technical validation and quality control procedures.
    • NGS readout
    • higher throughput compared to our Olink Target 96 & 48 products
    • similar accuracy and precision compared to our standard Target 96-plex and 48-plex products with qPCR readout
    • this high level of multiplexing is achieved without any compromise on data quality, thanks to our proprietary PEA technology

    About Olink Explore 384 Neurology

    The panel panel offers a mix of established markers related to neurobiological processes and neurological diseases (e.g. neural development, axon guidance, synaptic function, or specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease), as well as some more exploratory proteins.

    The Explore 384 Neurology panel offers simultaneous analysis of 384 protein biomarkers using just 1 µL of biological sample, and all assays are subject to Olink’s strict technical validation and Quality Control procedures. This high level of multiplexing is achieved without any compromise on data quality, thanks to our proprietary Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. The selection of protein biomarker assays is designed to provide the optimal dynamic range, as well as to focus on proteins with relevance for neurological diseases and biological processes.

    A list of the 384 proteins in the panel, as well as a validation data summary for the entire Explore 1536 library can be downloaded using the buttons below. All other relevant technical documents can be found on the Document Downloads page

    Explore 384 Neurology Protein List
    Olink Explore 1536 Validation Data Summary

    Assay details

    Basic information about the proteins measured by each assay, along with detailed validation data, can be found via the search field.

    The assays in different Explore 384 panels are divided in different probe pools, so called blocks, with different sample dilution factors for optimal read-out quality. In this panel the following dilution factor are used: 1:1, 1:10, 1:100. Our technical validation of assays are performed in vitro using recombinant analytes. Technical validation data reported on the biomarker pages are based on these in vitro assays.

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